Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
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A reshade that aims to make Brotherhood a little bit better without hurting the players eyes with over-exposure.

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A continuation of my AC2 Gently Photoreal Reshade, which required a different approach since Brotherhood has far more vivid and photorealistic lighting than AC2. But it's age is showing with a lot of compression artifacts.

This Reshade mod most notably takes care of the JPEG compression artifacts in the skybox textures and removes the banding effect on the sunlight gradient, using the de-band shader.
Lumasharpen helps details pop out to accentuate the depth textures better.
Plus there are small lighting and colour tweaks. Eye-adaptation lessens the brightness of the in-game map and lessens the intensity of the sky-gradient effect.

Debanding can cause stuttering with V-sync on. Limiting your framerate to 60 via NVidia control panel is adviseable.
Since AC:B can suffer stuttering from too high framerates in certain places and Leonardo's flying machine becomes totally unresponsive at framerates somewhere above 60.

I found that capping the framerate at 64 fps causes the least amount of visible screen tearing, reduced stuttering and made the flying machine as responsive as normal.