Blade & Sorcery: Nomad
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Fantasy-inspired weapons in energy weapon form!

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This mod adds 18 new weapons to B&S, handcrafted by yours truly.  Beamsabers can be found in the Beamsabers category.  I hope you like them!

New Features for U11

Saber Activation:  Press the Alt Use button to turn sabers on and off.
Color changing:  You can now change the beam color on the fly.  Grab the weapon with telekinesis, then press the tele-repel button (Alt Use on Index, unsure for other controllers)
Tonfa spinning:  Grab Shin-Ryu by the default handle and pull the trigger to make it spin around.
Improved beam color and lighting.
Beamsaber waves now available.

Weapons List

Aegis:  Beam shield.  Equip two to become a TIE fighter!
Apocalypse:  1-handed axe.
Ares:  1-handed scythe.
Excalibur:  Longsword, 1- or 2-handed.
Fenrir: Claw weapons.
Gram:  A greatsword.  Doubles as a hammer when turned off!
Hades:  2-handed greataxe.
Kilgannon:  A Coheed themed beam odachi.
Loki:  Dagger
Lucifer:  Mace.  Fun with the beam elements on or off!
Metatron:  Beam halberd.
Ragnarok:  A short staff with a long blade on each end.
Remnant:  A beamsaber from Electrum Sabercrafts.
Shin-Ryu:  Beam tonfa.
Thanatos:  2-handed greatscythe.  Get your Gundam on.
Tonbogiri:  Beam naginata.
Zantetsuken:  Beam katana.