Blade & Sorcery: Nomad
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This pack adds in 7 God of War weapons to the game! With recall and of course, Spartan Rage wich gives you unique abilities.

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Hey everyone welcome (back) to my mod! This time it adds in a pack of 7 God Of War Weapons. Want to throw a axe at someone's face and return it to your hand? With this pack you can! Throw the Mjolnir to launch enemies away from you and do devastating damage!

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  • Spartan Rage is curruntly disabled, until i can find a fix

  • The Spartan Rage: After 8 kills you will hear a sound that lets you know that it is ready. Activating it will set your blades on fire and gives you extra bonuses like: Dealing more damage and knockback, Picking up enemies easier, do more punching damage, have more health, speed and be able to jump higher, it will last for around 20 sec. only works for blades of chaos right now. Everything is configurable in the json!~~

    - RageValue: Higher damage and knockback increase for more, decrease for less.
    - WeaponStrengthMultiplier changes how strong you are, meaning how easy you can pick up heavy objects, or even throw a person.
    - SpeedMultiplier changes how fast you run in spartan rage, and jump height, the higher the value, the higher you jump and run.
    - KillRange is the range of which a death needs to happen in proximity to the weapon, for it to count as a kill towards the spartan rage.
    - killsRequiredForCharge: How many kills it takes for the rage to be loaded.
    - RageDuration: How long the rage lasts.


This mod includes the following weapon(s)
  • Blades of Chaos (Spartan rage and with recall)
  • Mjolnir (With recall)
  • Nemean Cestus (With recall)
  • Leviathan Axe (With recall)
  • Upgraded Leviathan Axe (With recall)
  • Shield Of Sparta
  • Spear Of Sparta


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