Blade & Sorcery: Nomad
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The Modern Knife Pack is here with 52 knives made with care! A huge varierty of knives to choose from, Do you want a Bowie Knife, a Deadly Meat Hook or a screwdriver? Spawn it in with the new Knife Bags. Ride a zipline, Stab your enemies effortless with the new waves or play stealthy in Dungeons. The choice is yours.

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Hey everyone welcome (back) to my mod! This time it adds in a pack of 52 Knives. Want to throw a axe at someone's face? Or slit their throat with a karambit knife? Everything is possible with this weapon pack! This is the biggest weapon pack i have ever made.

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  • Pressing trigger flips the Knives. < Not Available yet
  • Pressing the spell button makes the electric knife imbued with lightning < Not Available yet 
  • 3 Knife Pouches < Not Available yet
  • Custom Damagers: Easier stabbing and cutting
  • 3 Custom enemy knife waves
  • 8 Animated Knives < Not Available yet
  • Found in the category called > Military
  • Realistic blood textures
  • Low download size
  • The PC Version > Modern Knife Pack - PC Version
  • U10 and up
  • Requirements > None
  • Back story > None

This mod includes the following weapon(s)


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