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This blade was forged by a renowned Japanese swordsmith as a gift for the Ottoman Turks. An ancient blood forging technique also granted this sword mystical powers.

Will you be the one to take this piece into the heart of battle? *Now with stunning imbuing visuals!*

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Imbue the blade and behold perfection

- - -

None of the above actually happened. I just felt like making a Turkish-themed Katana.

This is my first mod. Gotta say, I had a lot of fun 3D modeling and texturing this sword. I totally recommend making your own sword and learning the ways of Blender, Substance Painter and Unity! This Katana was entirely made by me!

- - -

Here is a great tutorial on how to 3D model and texture: Get lots of knowledge here

Here is a great tutorial on how to mod the above into Blade and Sorcery. This tutorial was also made by our lord and savior Piepop101: Get even more knowledge here

- - -

Consider supporting me on Patreon! Your support allows me to make these sick weapons mods!

- - -


Unpack TurkishKatana.rar  to: PC\Quest 2\Internal shared storage\Android\data\com.Warpfrog.BladeAndSorcery\files\Mods\*here*

- - -

Hope you like my first sword! I spent 2 full days on this! I hope it was worth it!

Oh and endorse the mod of course <3

- - -

Update 2.0: 
- Textures completely redone and overhauled
- Fixed the Japanese font on the blade. Apparently, I used Katakana when I actually wanted Kanji on there! Thanks to azumukupoe for pointing that out!
- Blade handle moved down a bit. Now you can grip just about the whole blade! Inspired by Sushin of course.
- I mean it, imbue the blade and feel the orgasm.

- - -

Please ask for my permission before re-uploading my mod <3
Contact me on Discord: 50ShadesOfMyCow#9828