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The ultimate base template for new character builds, specifically made with PVP and invasions in mind. Includes a single save file consisting of the 10 starting classes, each at their base level. Characters can be taken to any level or weapon level immediately with the included items and runes. All areas have been visited and all graces activated.

Permissions and credits
This file includes:

-10 characters, one of each starting class at their base rune level.
-Characters are holding:

-Maximum runes.
-All sorceries and incantations.
-Five copies of all Ashes of War.
-All arrows and bolts.
-All consumables.
-All upgrade materials.
-Fully upgraded flask with maximum charges, allocated to seven of each.
-All Great Runes.
-All Crystal Tears.
-All maps.
-All cracked pots, ritual pots, and perfume bottles.
-All memory stones and talisman pouches.
-All spirit ashes, fully upgraded.
-All crafting recipes and materials.
-All whetblades.
-Both sets of tailoring tools.
-Larval Tears.
-All multiplayer items.
-Other miscellaneous key items gathered while progressing the game.

-Storage Chest includes:

-Three copies of all melee weapons where an Ash of War could be equipped.
-Two copies of all melee weapons where an Ash of War cannot be equipped.
-Two copies of all ranged weapons and catalysts.
-Two copies of each shield.
-All Talismans.
-All armor pieces.
-Excess consumables.
-Excess crafting materials.
-Excess upgrade materials.
-Excess Stonesword Keys and Lost Ashes of War.
-Excess arrows and bolts.

-All Sites of Grace are unlocked up to and including "Beside the Great Bridge" just before the Maliketh fight. Each location prior to Maliketh has been visited for maximum invasion opportunities. The Ashen Capital area is effectively the only remaining area to be visited, but due to replacing the Royal Capital once unlocked it has been left untouched.

-Characters have never possessed an upgraded weapon, giving you the freedom to decide invasion ranges.

The next piece is not necessarily important if just engaging in PVP.

The State of the World:

-All necessary bosses, and bosses associated with Great Runes, have been defeated up until Maliketh.

-Rogier's drops are on his body in Roundtable Hold. Picking up his belongings will automatically register the character as having a +8 smithing stone weapon.

-While the Revenger's Shack Site of Grace has been unlocked, the NPC invasion at this location has been left untouched. If this NPC is killed the character will be registered with a +8 smithing stone weapon. This goes straight into your inventory when the NPC is killed, so there is no way to kill him and leave the drops behind.

-Blackguard, Pidia, Seluvis, Thop, D, Rogier, and Iji have all died and had their bell bearings turned into the Twin Maiden Husks.

-Patches is alive as a merchant at the end of his questline in Murkwater Cave.

-Gatekeeper Gostoc, Nepheli Loux, and Kenneth Haight are located in Stormveil Castle as a result of completing their quests.

-The residents of Volcano Manor have all either left or died as the game progressed.

-Boc the Seamster is located at the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace. At this point the dialogue option where he discusses the idea of rebirth is available. He can be given the Larval Tear, or the "You're beautiful" Prattling Pate item can be used here, both ending his questline.

-Shabriri can be found at the Zamor Ruins Site of Grace.

-Jar-Bairn and Diallos can be found in Jarburg nearing the end of their questlines.

-Miriel remains in the Church of Vows.

-Hyetta is located at the Gate Town Bridge Site of Grace.

-Millicent's questline has been completed and Miquella's Needle obtained.

-The Three Fingers remain untouched.

-Fia's questline has been completed and the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince has been obtained, unlocking the Age of the Duskborn ending as an option. 

-Dung Eater is not alive, but has been turned into a puppet. 

-Varre has been killed and his questline resolved.

-All merchants (Nomadic, Isolated, etc.) are alive at their original locations on the map. 

-Gideon remains at Roundtable Hold with his dialogue exhausted. 

-Blaidd has been killed as part of Ranni's questline. 

-Sellen appears at Raya Lucaria Grand Library with her questline completed.

-Jerren has been killed as part of Sellen's questline. 

-Goldmask and Corhyn are located at Mountaintops of the Giants as part of their questlines.

-Gurranq has vanished as a result of his questline being completed.

-Gowry remains in his shack after the completion of Millicent’s quest.

-Ranni has vanished as a result of her questline being completed, and "The Age of the Stars" ending has been unlocked as an option.

This file was made using Phoenix5478’sAll Chars RL1 - Samurai RL713 - All Items - Complete saves (Journey 2 ready) file as a base. All install instructions are the same. The file was cleaned up and fine-tuned using Grand Merchant. To add individual character templates to a save file, Elden Ring Save Manager can be used. A save manager is also needed to associate the file with your unique Steam ID to prevent an error message when loading at the title screen.

This file is meant to be used as an ease of access, and not as a means of cheating in the game. If there are any inconsistencies or mistakes please reach out so I can address them.