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  • Kitsune Spirit Trait Pack

    The Kitsune is a Japanese Fox Spirit - 
    Skills Increased Gain - Charisma/Comedy/Mischief...

  • New Features Reveal for Instant project codename Genetics Huge list

    Adults - 

    Superior Genetics
    The man and woman who will use his or her skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar.  instead of how
    little he can give for a dollar, is bound to suceed.

    What's fixed?

    MCC Last Exception - Fixed
    Added Features ( Upgrade time)

    Allow Young adults/Adult/Elders

    Whats not included
    Whicked Whims - ( This aren't included because it will conflict )
    MCC Command Center - All this done manually  so it doesn't conflict anymore things

    All of these skills that affected adults are - 99x speed 

    Cooking  ( Gourmet, Baking
    Mixology ( making drinks ) 

  • To answer all those difficult questions aka Conflict time

    Oh no the sims 4 patches comes! and it breaks your mod dude please for the love god fix

    stay awhile and listen

    Relax take a deep breath and let me explain things as i go, yes this will conflict anything changes trait. i tried to bypass the error and it will trigger during fast forward it's normal if MCC nag you with last exception my mod was considered "Clean" it's that one mod constantly bugged, becuase that i subscribe his patreon  page sometimes it's normal having those error, it could be many things from the game how its code because that the trait runs on background...mine only edit based on what it was given to me sometimes i use basegame and couple of packs. i crap you not i livestream these .. and it give me so many problems no matter what i want to do som...

  • Hey yall Setsail here

    thank you so much for supporting my mod page, even tho it's new. here's a sneak peak how i did with my mods working hard to fix it.


    Mod developer streams some painful moments and some fun activity

    To do lists

    - Goal aspiration ( planned ) 
    - More traits ( Yeap)
    - Building stuff ( Still discussing with my friends)
    - More career ( you bet it is!)
    - Werewolf ?? ( come on you cant really ask that)
    - animation ( nope but feel free to add more to my mod features i would love to see what you can come up with!) 


  • New planes and future releases for sims related

    Hello nexusfans and simmers!, 

    so without further a due  i'm announcing some addition to sim editing this means all my sim character is packaged its not save file or anything else ... it will be packaged in one edit, if  a speficic  hair is missing i will include them in description how to download the pieces on that character. as for now i'm announcing this an addon career for get famous, don't worry it's not really challenging career its a bit easier to complete the challenges. enjoy being famous! and thanks for the idea casper....

  • New testable version

    let me know what you think...

  • HighLifeMod

    I have had alot of time to update the mod i had a lot of people to let me no that there was issues containing things not working properly so i have fixed the small and big issues to the mod took some time to find and fix the problems but got all of the and just also let me no if there are any issues with the mod. If you dont tell me i can not find and fix the issues.I have had alot of time to update the mod i had alot of people to let me no that there was issues containing things not working properly so i have fixed the small and big issues to the mod took some time to find and fix the problems but got all of the and just also let me no if there are any issues with the mod. If you dont tell me i can not find and fix the issues.Now with the new version of the mod as you can see in the pictu...

  • Tuning Files

    These are tuning files altered in this mod.

    -Acting Pays-

  • Sims 4 Multiplayer Mod 0.7.1 - Buy mode support and basement interaction fix

    Time to furnish your home with friends! S4MP 0.7.1 brings networked buy mode, meaning that any player can buy and move objects as they wish. Alongside this, the update also fixes interaction bugs with objects located in basements.

    Initial buy mode support (buy & move objects)
    Basement object interaction fix
    Fixed launcher error popup when disconnecting from the game
    The mod supports Hamachi and requires game version v1.68 or later in order to work.

    We would also like to say a huge thank you to all the Patrons who have been reporting bugs and giving feedback in the past few months!

    To get early access to the latest S4MP updates, become a patron today at

  • Bobby Orr Custom Hoodie

    Just a custom hoodie I made and thought I would share....

  • S4MP 0.5.4 is OUT NOW

    The 0.5.4 update brings¬†travel fixes, the brand¬†new launcher¬†with¬†automatic save sync,¬†and the¬†automatic connection flow. No more manual save syncing and ‚Äėmp.c‚Äô typing, time to get straight to the game!


    travel fixes (infinite load, neighbor lots, etc.)
    game is automatically paused until both players have finished loading
    automatic save sync
    chat with the other player using ‚Äėchat <your message>‚Äô in the game console (CTRL + SHIFT + C)
    no need for ‚Äėmp.c‚Äô command, the game automatically connects (use ‚Äėdisconnect‚Äô command when leaving the game)
    mod file (ts4script) is now installed automatically

  • Development Progression (Update 46 - Discover University - Final)

    I will use this article to post how it's going at the end of each production day, well, try, not sure if I will keep it. Also, I don't want to spam updates in this mod, so I'll wait a big progress to do it.

    Note that images here use Sims4studio and does not have a lot of effects and is a lot glitchy.

    Update 46:- Discover university is now done!
    There wasn't much to do since their files are in the base game for some reason, but here the new things:
    Chocolate croissant, very similar to the normal one but have a chocolate thing when your sim eat.

    Cinnamon Bun, surprisingly it wasn't a problem to upscale:

    Extra, Pizza rolls and avocado toast, two things that I've never seen in game but looks nice:

    There's more to ...

  • How to make your own custom mod by order it for free

    1.     Have a idea
    2.     Some guidelines
    3.     Have patience!
    4.      I make it in2-3 days or faster.
    5.      I have enoughfreetime....

  • Opera singer

    This is my second mod so be nice!

    I love to make careers for the sims 4 so if you want a custom one ask me! I make it in 2 days or less. 

    What do i need to have one of my own?


    Career name and also maybe stages or i customize it by myself!


  • New mod

    This is my first mod so be nice and say what you think about it
    I make the changes and upload it again!...

  • TS4 - Persona 5 CC: Joker and Crow Outfits Topic

    This Article is Focused on the Joker/Crow CC. If you have anything you'd like to say or if you have encountered a bug/error with the Download, Installation, or the CC itself, Leave a Comment & I will try to help!

    This is both a Discussion and Troubleshooting Page....